Kollect Cards x OKEx Türkiye AMA Recap

Efe@OKEx: Hello everyone, this is Efe and thanks for your attendance to our AMA event! Let me introduce you Ethan Chae. He is the CSO of the Kollect Cards.

Efe@OKEx: Hey Ethan! It’s a pleasure to meet with you!

Ethan: Thanks!

Efe@OKEx: So If you are ready, let’s start with our first session.

Ethan: So If you are ready, let’s start with our first session.

Efe@OKEx: Okay, that’s great to hear that!

Q1- Our audience is very thrilled for your attendance. Can you explain KOLLECT for us? How our audiences can reach your platform?

Ethan: Sure! I would love to explain Kollect to everyone! Kollect is a gamified collection card platform for any branded IPs. Its Collection Book system Kollect.book has a unique built-in play-to-earn feature, allowing users to strategically stake their cards in different collection books to maximize their rewards. Kollect.book enables flexible gamification of collecting activities. The games published by Kollect through Kollect.game are where users can put their collected NFT cards into real actions. Each of the branded IPs can have their own games and in-game currency. The first game in the Kollect ecosystem will be a play-to-earn battle card game with PvP and PvE combat modes. Kollect envisions to become the hub for NFT collectibles and play-to-earn games.

You can find our platform through various ways. I will share some links where you can get connected with Kollect.







Telegram Global: https://t.me/Kollect_Official_Community

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/Kollect_Cards

Telegram Thai: https://t.me/Kollect_Official_Th

Telegram Japan:


Telegram Indonesia: https://t.me/KollectIndo

Telegram Vietnam:


Telegram Turkey:


Telegram Korea: https://t.me/Kollect_Official_kr

Telegram Spain:


Telegram Germany: https://t.me/Kollect_German

Telegram Russia: https://t.me/KollectRussian

Telegram Portuguese : https://t.me/KollectPortuguese

Telegram Taiwan:


Efe@OKEx: That’s great to hear that! Our audiences definitely will check those links!

Q2: How does Kollect differs from other platforms? Can you enlighten us?

Ethan: Although there are so many NFT platforms and the market is becoming saturated, there are apparent issues that have not yet been addressed such as Difficulty onboarding new users, Extracting value of owned NFTs, and most importantly, lacking FUN.

We created Kollect so we can help address these issues and catapult the growth that the NFT space has to offer.

Onboarding Non-Crypto Users: With our partnerships and globally recognized IPs, we believe that we can help convert the non-crypto public into the market by making the technology approachable towards the respective IP fandoms using already familiar characters and lore.

Extracting value of Owned NFTS: Once you minted an NFT, there wasn’t much the owner could do to interact with the NFTs other than trading and hoping for an increase in its demand and thus price. We plan to incorporate methods such as our one-of-a-kind Collection Book so that NFT owners can further leverage their assets and stake them to earn yield.

Lack of Fun: Collecting needs to be fun and interactive, but a lot of NFT games weren’t really high-quality games that were fun to play. It seemed like the users were forced to repeat the same actions for the sake of profit. Our PVP Card Battle Game along with our RPG in development offers users both fun high-quality games, along with a chance to be highly lucrative.

Efe@OKEx: Thanks Ethan! Those informations are very valuable for us.

Q3: What are the key points in your project that you want to point out?

Ethan: 1, NFT Collectibles with Convertibility: The NFTs offered in Kollect are high-quality artworks derived from IPs with existing fandom. We will begin with Power Rangers, but more will come in the future. Our NFT cards are not just collectibles; they are characters, items, and much more in the universe that is to be built around the Kollect ecosystem.

2, Play-to-earn Games that are Fun: From game experts’ point of view, existing blockchain gaming projects lack details of high-quality games. Usually built as experimental projects by people with little experience in the gaming industry, the NFT games have plenty of room to improve. Kollect brings decades of game development experience to the young market.

3, Platform with Scalability: Kollect is not a platform for single IP like Axie Infinity or NBA Top Shot. Nor is it a platform for one activity (either trading, collecting, or gaming) only. We can serve all. One exceptional feature of our NFT cards is that they have been created with games in mind. Initially, all the NFT cards in the Kollect platform can be used in our card battle game. In the future, the NFT cards will be related to the games featured in our Kollect.game launcher.

Efe@OKEx: Very valuable and interesting thoughts!

Q4: Do you have any incentive programs for your investors?

Ethan: Kollect Team rewards investors through various features on our platform.

1) Public collection book: Users have to compete with other users to mint the rarest NFTs in the collection. The first one to mint that NFT can claim the slot by staking a sum of $KOL along with the NFT. The user will be rewarded based on both the amount of $KOL and NFT’s score.

2) Private collection book: Users have to collect as many NFT cards as possible in your collection books. Each collection book is a mission of its own (like collecting all female Power Rangers or Villains). If you complete your collection book you can stake your collection book (therefore your NFTs) for a reward.

3) Play-to-earn Game:2. Staking Yield & Play-to-Earn Game: Users can play the game to actively engage with the NFTs to win reward tokens. During the conversion process, the rarity level or classes of the NFT cards will decide the stats of the characters and items in the NFT games in Kollect.

Efe@OKEx: Those incentives are thrilling for our community!

Q5: What do you think about NFT’s? Do they represent a utility?

Ethan: As explained earlier, we found that one of the biggest issues in the current NFT market is the lack of ability to leverage and extract value from NFTs owned. In many cases such as Cryptopunk for example, users have to buy the NFT and hope that the demand/price of it increases, but it is not really clear what fundamentals drive the prices.

We wanted to address this issue by creating more use-cases not just for our native coins, but for the NFTs themselves. Within our system, we will allow users to actually use their NFTs and generate value from them.

As you can see from our website and deck, we are working on and developing multiple games where these NFTs will be used within the games themselves. For example, Users will be able to battle one another with their collection and also be rewarded with KOL. The incentive structure for each game is different but each description and economy will be explained to all our communities once we get closer to the actual launch of the games.

To summarize, Our NFT cards are not just appealing pieces of collectibles (more like artworks to be honest). Users can use those NFTs for both passive and active income. (We will release more details about our collection book system where users can stake their NFTs and earn yield)

Efe@OKEx: As we see, NFT’s are and will be a hot topic for a while!

Q6: Your project offers a lot of gaming elements. What does your team stand for? Are they qualified in the gaming sector?

Ethan: Our team has team members with over 20+ years of experience in the gaming industry in which they are very experienced and familiar with game balancing. We will continuously monitor the data and make regular updates to keep users happy with the balance of the game.

Efe@OKEx: Gamers are really happy now!

Q7: What benefits will your investors get from $KOL? Can you explain for its utility purposes and tokenomics?

Ethan: KOL is essential to actively participate within our ecosystem.

$KOL will be used for:

1) Synthesis: Users can synthesize (and burn) the cards for higher rarity card or hidden cards

2) Enhancement: Users can enhance their cards (NFTs), like leveling up the card and unlocking hidden recipes that only open under certain achievements.

3) Conversion: Users can convert NFT cards into items and characters in games connected to Kollect, and also out of games

4) Staking: User can stake $KOL along with NFT for yields. And additional VIP perks.

5) Purchases: Users can use $KOL to buy special collection books and other VIP items with special effects. Some of our exclusive edition NFTs will only be available in $KOL.

Efe@OKEx: That’s great to hear that!

Q8: Can you explain your roadmap?

Ethan: Q3 2021

- Secured IPs with Global License

- Expanding distribution channels for Kollect NFTs

- Sold out first NFT sales with proprietary IP, Munchie Kings, on OKEx

- Listing on OKEx Exchange and Uniswap

Q4 2021

- Listing on MEXC Global BitMart

- Partnership with Daewon Media and TOEI

- Munchie Kings 2nd NFT Sales On OKEx Exchange

- Alpha test for Collection Book and Card Synthesis

- Alpha test for Primary Market, Secondary Market, and Collection Book (Public)

- First ‘Season 0’ launch on Primary Market — (Power Rangers)

- Revamped Kollect Website

Q1 2022

- Smart Contract Audit

- Launch additional IP projects

- Official Launch of World of Cards

- Official Launch of Kollect Platform

- Launch Game Launchpad

Q2 2022

- Prepare the launch of Kollect.Dao

- Prepare for the second in-house game

- Marketplace V2.0

- Collection Book V2.0

- Swap Bridge

- Launch Scholarship Program

Efe@OKEx: Let’s start for the second session.

In this session our audiences will ask questions to @EthanChae. Ethan will pick at least 5 questions. Please note that the first 5 answers will be awarded.

Q1: Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about your current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

Ethan: Kollect has many unique partnerships with different companies. First off, we have partnered up with Toei and Daewon Media. They supply their world-wide famous IPs to Kollect and we envision to turn them into NFTs with great quality. Currently we have announced our partnership with GamifyClub. Kollect and Gamifyclub show the cooperation through the provision of gaming NFTs on each other’s marketplace. It will be the start for both of us! I will also attach links for you guys to read more about our partnerships! Toei: https://medium.com/kollect/kollect-and-toei-partner-up-to-bring-licensed-ips-into-the-digital-universe-bc958385a5d7 Daewon Media:https://medium.com/kollect/kollect-partners-with-daewon-to-expand-kollects-ecosystem-171f5da8f5e5 GamifyClub:https://medium.com/kollect/announcing-new-partnership-with-gamify-club-to-expand-kollects-ecosystem-4be7698b21b We also have many more other partnerships which will be announce in the future! So please stay tuned!

Q2: What is the structure of this project , is it decentralised or a open sourced protocol where everybody can contribute? If so, how does the governance plan on being handled?

Ethan: In the beginning, we are centralized in the sense that only our partners provide Contents and IPs to the project. But once the platform is actively running, we will hand over the governance of the platform to DAO. DAO will decide the listing and funding of the projects.

Q3: STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and ACHIEVE MASS ADOPTION Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about Staking????

Ethan: Yes! Kollect introduces a collection book system through our platlform to users. Collectionbook is where you can stake the NFTs published by Kollect and receive rewards. There are two types of collectionbooks: public collectionbook and private collection book. 1) Public collection book: You have to compete with other users to mint the rarest NFTs in the collection. The first one to mint that NFT can claim the slot by staking a sum of $KOL along with the NFT. The user will be rewarded based on both the amount of $KOL and NFT’s score.

2) Private collection book: You have to collect as many NFT cards as possible in your collection books. Each collection book is a mission of its own (like collecting all female Power Rangers or Villains). If you complete your collection book you can stake your collection book (therefore your NFTs) for a reward. So we encourage users to keep their NFTs that purchase now to stake it later on our platform! Please stay tuned for the official announcement when you can start staking your NFTs! — also these NFTs can convert into game characters later on the play-to-earn games! (double utilities!!!!)

Q4: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?

Ethan: Yes for sure! 1. our high-level games will bring joy to users and will attract games who are looking for high quality games. 2. The introduction of world famous IPs and BRands will bring in their respective fans: such as Power Rangers, Ruler of the land Fans, and the fandome of our future IPs!

Q5: How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well?

Ethan: As I mentioned ealier in the part 1, Kollect team is aware that there are many communities who are not familiar with English. We have created many local communities where people can talk and also bring some questions to our team. We are currently expanding our local communities to more countries as well. We are proud that we have Kollect community for Turkey! Feel free to join anytime! We will be ready to hear from you guys :) https://t.me/kollectcardsTR

Efe@OKEx: Thanks for the valuable informations Ethan. Our community and we had great time when we learn about your opinions and informations 🙂



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